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The path of any successful company always starts with a lot of rejection, mockery and ridicule by the public or potential customers.  If we follow the march of success stories of international companies that the world met with cynicism, we will see how it came out first as a strange idea, which was rejected by everyone until it became huge international companies.

In general, every new, distinctive and different idea from the prevailing ideas is considered to be a failure, just because it is out of the ordinary.  But at the same time, if the owners of these special projects acquiescence to the words of the people, they will certainly not reach what they have reached now.

 Entrepreneurs and creative ideas tend to be deaf to the cynicism and mockery they hear at the beginning, and focus on their work as if they don't hear anything.  This creates a challenge for them. They are determined to challenge everyone, especially those who have met their ideas with irony, to prove to them that strange ideas are not necessarily failed ones, but on the contrary they are innovative ideas that can think smartly and creatively to enter the market from another unconventional entrance away from  Ways and methods used by companies with their traditional ideas.

Nowadays, there are many companies whose products we use extensively, but we do not know how much mockery it was in its infancy.  Even those who initially rejected those ideas and products are now among the first users.

We will present to you the top 10 international companies that have been subjected to a lot of criticism and ridicule at the beginning of its launch to become now large global companies.


 The first social platform similar to the idea of ​​Facebook is the site MySpace and Friendster, where both companies worked on the same idea of ​​Facebook, which is to create a social networking environment between different people and from different environments and countries and bring them all together in one place, but unfortunately they were doomed to failure after that  They set out and worked extensively in the beginning.

 Facebook was launched in 2004 to work on an idea similar to the idea of ​​the previous signatories, and everyone expected that the outcome of failure, according to their vision of previous experiences.  But this time Mark Zuckerberg was very determined to succeed his idea, and Facebook has now become one of the most used social networking sites around the world to include millions of users from different countries, and is able to bring people from different places and countries in one place as if they live without those dimensions  Geographic separation.


 At the time of Touter's website there were lots of platforms, sites or even similar services, so its market was very competitive and the probability of its success was weak, and because of all that everyone expected failure for this emerging site.  But what happened was contrary to the expectations of everyone, where Twitter was able to overcome a lot of similar services such as Microsoft's mail services, SMS, RSS, and others, now occupies the leading position between those services and sites.

 The mechanism that Tuter worked on, which was a major reason for his success is that he attracted celebrities and encouraged them to use this new site, so that other users catch up with them and imitate them in use as well, and thus was able to attract a large number of permanent users who found that Twitter offers a distinct and simple way of communication  Even.


Many of us do not know that there are other search engines other than Google, where they believe that Google is the only search engine on the Internet.

 In fact, Google emerged as a search engine at a time when there were a large number of other search engines, but nevertheless managed to overcome them all to become the number one search engine around the world.  All expectations at the beginning of Google's career expected him to fail because of the strength of competition, but Google was smarter than all his rivals.

Google has made a very smart move: to look at and overcome the weaknesses of competitors.  Indeed, other search engines were relying on ads that users wanted, and Google launched a search engine without ads.


 Amazon was created at a time when online purchase and financial transactions were unreliable.  Everyone expected the company to fail at the time, so how could they sell their products online when there are not many people who are convinced to pay money online to get the product they ordered!

 Jeff Bezos has developed his company astoundingly, making Amazon the largest shopping site around the world, and inspiring many people who have established similar and competitive sites for Amazon, but Bezos has always maintained first place.


 Instagram appeared among many similar sites and apps, but tried to beat competitors by distinguishing them and adding a new feature.  The company has added a new feature which is the image editing feature from within the application itself, which has achieved a widespread and very popular among users.


 Dropbox has emerged to offer cloud storage similar to Microsoft's services such as OneDrive and others.  Indeed, there were many predictions of the company's failure, but nevertheless continued and achieved great success, where Microsoft competed and managed to prove itself as a leader.


 Like many applications and companies, Firefox appeared at a time when many other browsers, such as Netscape, Internet Explorer and others.  The competition was so intense that the entry of Firefox was surprising.  But Firefox has added new and distinctive features to achieve widespread and great success.


 LinkedIn has emerged as a platform that brings together a lot of people interested in business, whether they are companies or people who want to find jobs, but its appearance has raised a belief in people that it will be dedicated to people with experience and therefore dedicated to a certain category of people over the age of 35 years, for example  Great success.  But LinkedIn disillusioned all of them, imposing itself as a site that was primarily targeted at young people, and indeed was able to attract the largest Internet users.


 When Apple appeared, it was running on its own Mac operating system, while Microsoft was running Windows as well.  But Apple decided to work on the IOS system also to compete with Google's Android system, and already worked on it elaborately and began to launch and market to distinguish its own products.  Despite the poor expectations at the time of the failure of this system, Apple managed to succeed as always, disappointing everyone's expectations.


 The services provided by PayPal were the most difficult, and the risk was substantial, as their work meant the prevailing mindset about online payment.  This was the only reason that predicted the failure, but nevertheless continued to become the largest online payment platform, where it was able to provide a site that ensures security and privacy, using tools and means that provide the user a safe experience.

 These were the success stories of 10 international companies that were subjected to a lot of criticism and ridicule at the beginning of its launch to become now one of the largest companies in the world and achieve great success.

 Hence the inspiration and faith of Elixer of Life and its vision of the future we make and live

 The rule says: ignore all the circumstances and external manifestations that you see with your eyes and hear your ears.  That tells you that your desire is not complete, but if you believe you will see the glory of God

The mechanism in this work is not for entertainment or indifference, but for the real benefit and achieve the goals and must be applied in earnest

Participation in this work is to provide a real job opportunity for everyone who abides by the terms and instructions of the company and takes the best time to take advantage and work hard to achieve a successful opportunity to reach the wishes of dreams and achieve cumulative profits

 Then the interviewer must be patient, faithful, careful, determined and follow-up, which is the secret of the success of the work

 Despite the simplicity of the capital of this project, the real capital of this project is time

 It is the perfect way to build personal wealth

 Internet commerce with the network marketing system has made the greatest merchants in the world and in all countries because the profits are cumulative

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