Usage Agreement

This agreement has been developed in all its parts to guarantee the rights of the company and the rights of the subscriber and to clarify the obligations of each party and this agreement is a contract that is effective from the date of the customer’s subscription to the site or in one of its services, and it is a contract between the two parties that must be adhered to by the customer and the company

Company duties and obligations:

1- The candidate submits his membership within the elixir of life, and this membership is for life and is inherited and contains vouchers

2 - Delivery of the product chosen by the partner with the same specifications he requested

3- Carrying out poor storage or damage to the product before it reaches the customer and replaces it and reloads it again

4- Commitment to exchange commissions, checks and rewards that the partner receives in return for making sales through his membership in the elixier of life company

Commitment to providing training to the candidate and following him step by step in order to reach success, which requires him to adhere to the work requirements that he agreed upon during the job offer, which are:

A- Commitment to provide time daily from 2 to 4 hours

B- Commitment to the work team’s system

C- Research and development on the personal level, learning and education

Note: In the event that the candidate does not adhere to these requirements, this clause shall be deemed null between the company and the candidate

5- Commitment to the confidentiality of the candidate's data and not to use it in any other work


Customer duties and responsibilities ::

Commitment to the standards of trust and trust granted by Elixir of life Company

Commitment to the goals of Elixir of life Company, in terms of quantity and quality

Obligation not to harm the company name in any way

The obligation not to sign contracts or conclude deals in the name of the company, as it is considered a violation of the company's decision and the company relinquishes its responsibility for it.

Commitment to transparency and clarity in dealing with others in representing the company and appearing in the best expected manner

Commitment to exert efforts and strive to achieve the company's vision and raise the level of dedication to achieving the company's goals to the highest level

A commitment not to violate customs and principles observed in commercial transactions

Obligations and consequences for the client:

The subscriber loses his right to access his current account or his electronic account on the company's website, and his account will be frozen

Or suspending him according to the gravity of the act, in the event that one of the following things occurred:

1- Damage to the company’s name and everything related to it

2- Defamation of the company’s reputation on any means of communication, read, visual, or audible

3- Moving to a company operating in the same field of work as the Elixir of life company and competing with it

4- Using the company’s name in personal dealings such as selling or buying outside the limits set forth by the company

5- Spreading rumors, gossip and publications that harm the sanctity and reputation of the company

6- Abuse of trust in the funds belonging to people in his network, and he bears full responsibility

7- Practicing an activity similar to that of the company or of the same type in which the company operates

8- Incitement to carry out actions that harm the existing entity of the company, by encouraging employees and clients to move to a business of their own or a competing company.

9 - It is prohibited to violate religions or defame a person, institution or company, or intentionally publish any information that causes harm to a company, person, state or group.

10- Violating intellectual property rights is prohibited and it is prohibited to use the website or any of the services for illegal purposes, such as attacking or hacking a site, device, company, or any network or attempting to do so or piracy and publishing and distributing materials or programs copied or unauthorized, or deception and forgery Or fraud, threatening or harassing any person, company or group, publishing pornographic or sexual material, spreading viruses or spyware files, or placing links to sites containing such violations and causing damage to the server.

11- In the event that the subscriber wishes to withdraw and close his account with us, he is not entitled to recover any money we have.


Every business in Al-Hayat is documented with a contract to guarantee all the rights of the parties involved in this work and any commercial business based on clarity and compromise, and for this reason, the aforementioned / my data below approved that the work was fully offered to me within the Elixir of Life Company and after submitting my questions and receiving answers to them and my understanding of the work and my choice of a product from The products of the Elixir Al-Hayat company in exchange for the amount that was agreed upon in the job offer session, which is documented with me with a receipt that I receive electronically with an email from the company. I understand all my rights in the company and my obligations towards the company as set out in advance and that the amount that was paid goes in exchange for my obtaining the product chosen from Before me and that I get profits and commissions from the company depends on my efforts and my sales within the company. I am in a business. When I achieve sales, I make profits and on this I agree and provide my personal data

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