Direct commission

Based on our belief in the elixir of life, the principle of giving opportunity to all and in order to achieve our principle of being a beacon of a better life.

We have provided the best e-commerce model that has now become the black horse that is being bet on by opening a free account with multiple advantages including the possibility of

The possibility of opening a free account with multiple advantages, including the possibility of making a profit in two basic directions, namely direct profit, and here anyone who started his business in Elixir life can share endlessly people directly and thus get 20% of the value of any direct registration performed by the type of segment that his direct partner joins, like if we do a calculation for all segments, the direct profit will be in the following form. :Following:

Personal Discount

Cash return of 15% of the value of any product that sells and markets.

And that's a value he makes from the profits of selling products.

In addition, we in Elixir Life aim to succeed and advance all our customers so that the person who registered a free account can do this account by purchasing a bunch of Elixir life products different from the chip he chooses and thus his account turns from free to partner account with 11 profit plans.

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