My commitments

 As an independent representative of eol, I am fully committed to ...

 I am honest and fair in all my dealings with eol

 I perform all my professional activities in a way that strengthens my reputation and the positive reputation that eol has built

 Present the reward plan accurately and honestly, indicating the level of effort required to succeed.

 I offer only real income opportunities, only in light of the effort.

 I offer business benefits and information as described in the official versions of the company and from my personal experience.

 I accept and do my best to fulfill all the duties expected of the Independent Representative and the assignor, including providing the necessary training and support to the subordinates of my institution.

 I adhere to all policies and procedures that apply to the operation of my business.

 I strive to ensure that subordinates are satisfied with my service and leadership.

 Answer questions and queries of potential representatives and subordinates with integrity and honesty.

 I only refer people I could discover and train as my personal subordinates and / or as potential business representatives.

 I always encourage potential representatives formed by the initial referrers to be sponsored by those referrers as well.

 He explained that eol is an opportunity for network marketing where the income I earn depends on my marketing and leadership skills as well as my personal efforts.

 I treat all potential representatives, subordinates and colleagues with respect, good faith and professional courtesy.

 Be careful not to incite subordinates outside my referral line to sign on behalf of my organization.

 Eol is not misrepresented in any way.

 Be careful not to use any ads that I know may be false or misleading.

 I shall be fair and fair in my dealings with my subordinates and colleagues, and shall not participate in any practices that may adversely affect me personally, the enterprise, the company and / or the whole industry. 

 I act in a way that reflects the highest level of honesty, openness and responsibility because I am fully aware that my actions as an independent representative with eol have far-reaching implications.

 I use the information on all eol websites for personal, non-commercial purposes only.

 Do not create any unauthorized or illegal websites that may distort the image of eol and its affiliates.

 This is my commitment and commitment to myself, my network and my company. ”

كيف يمكننا أن نبنيعملك?

الأرتقاء بالأنسان هو أسما أهدافنا لذلك ننشئ أكاديميتنا شركاؤنا أوكسير الحياة لتطوير الذات والتنمية البشرية وبرمجة اللغة العصبية.


شركائنا الاعزاء

الأخذ بيد شركائنا إلى أعلى مراتب النجاح ووصولهم إلى الاحترافية بهذا العمل هو أحد واجباتنا ولذلك ننشئ منظمتنا التدريبية المنظمة الذهبية.

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