All great leaders are defined by their person. So they would like their values. Like safety There is no organization under the leadership of people who fail to speak and act according to existing moral values


Great leaders create hope and a dream that drives people to work. Real leaders are subject to their personal desires and are determined by them in order to achieve the remote vision And achieve goals that are far beyond what others think. This incentive to prove, develop, revolution and improve the world is what makes real leaders different from others. The purpose is to establish a collective image (identity) that makes people's emotions free. This organization performs twice as much as the average organizations


Real leaders are really bound by their commitments. Total commitment means that they must persevere despite the overwhelming majority against them. Three components are essential for survival: constipation, self-discipline, and courage. Self-discipline provides consistency in the conduct of the leader

4- Dexterity:

Great leaders are struggling for excellence in their quest for mastery. They leave fear and do their jobs with full confidence. Full confidence, based on effort and focus, leads to readiness, not outcome These are leaders who are biased towards action and effectiveness

5-Take care:

Leaders have a sense of weakness and are meant to be extra careful They know that there are other people who need their help to fulfill their hope Great people however, do not start and they are great, they are not innately great They have become what they are through training and mentoring To cultivate close relationships. Leaders must communicate. Communication is listening as well as talking to solve issues, and educating people


When leaders leave, reflection is normal. They look at the whole issue, not just themselves Reflection helps in looking at the whole picture and evaluation: what is happening ? What's not happening? How do I affect the result? This kind of reflection provides insight to the big picture necessary for clarity to toss long-term priorities and short-term emergencies. More importantly, such clarity allows leaders to maintain equilibrium

7-Peace of mind:

Leaders have a deep sense of satisfaction for those who work to influence the world. They gained peace of mind by knowing they did the best. They pour in their destiny without a doubt They have the patience that does not force them to change their will despite the environment in which they are They have a high interest in what their property is

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الأرتقاء بالأنسان هو أسما أهدافنا لذلك ننشئ أكاديميتنا شركاؤنا أوكسير الحياة لتطوير الذات والتنمية البشرية وبرمجة اللغة العصبية.


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