Joining the elixir of life:

By filling out the registration form after completing the subscription requirements

 Your participation in obtaining a product and becoming an independent representative of Elixir of life, in addition to charging a commission for products purchased by individuals who will join your marketing team.

Terms of agreement:

The terms of this agreement begin upon your acceptance to join elixier of Life and will end when terminated by either party. Either you or the elixier of life

Elixier of Life reserves the right to change any of the terms of service for any reason considered appropriate and at its discretion.

To become a subscriber with elixier of Life:

To be 18 years old

Acknowledgment of approval of the Code of Conduct

Acknowledgment of consent to adhere to business ethics

Acknowledgment of approval of the Code of My Commitments

Auxerre Life reserves the right to accept or reject the subscriber

The customer of elixier of life is an independent representative. He / she is only authorized to purchase products from elixier of life or refer to new customers of the company in accordance with the conditions stipulated in this document of service.

All elixier of life customers are eligible to benefit from commissions or bonuses as per the plan

Paying all applicable taxes or customs duties will be the responsibility of the customers in their countries.


 Customer responsibility

elixier of life company expects its customers to market the products and the marketing plan according to a set of ethical rules and standards set by society for everyone

- Commissions are paid for selling products and for successfully registering a new customer for the plan.

_ No promise or guarantee has been made that customers will get any specific income or profits as a customer. It is understood that any income earned by the customer in the elixir of life is determined by the personal activity of the customer as an independent member and within the company's plan. Clients realize that commissions are only paid to eligible clients for his / her / her / lower line and higher than them. The customer will not be able to earn any income except for those stipulated in the official website.

_ The customer also understands that the income as displayed on the site indicates your potential profits, and there are no guarantees.

 _ elixier of life Company refuses any form of seduction, fraud, fraud or lying to win customers

_ The elixir of life is considered the whole world as one market and there is no ban or discrimination for any region or country, but all customers are personally responsible for their decision and all laws and regulations in force in all their countries must be met.

Receive the product

elixier of life Company deals with a third party represented in express shipping companies to secure the best service

 Some countries may impose a delivery fee, so it must be paid by the customer at the time of purchasing the product, which can range from $ 0 to $ 100 as in each customer's area.

   Local duties and customs taxes or value-added tax imposed on customers in the laws of their countries are their responsibility and Elixir of Life will not be responsible for them

The customers or subscribers must provide the correct address with all the orders that were placed on the registration page. This is because the products that are returned to Elixir of Life due to the incorrect customer’s address, phone number or any other reason such as the customer’s lack of receipt etc. .... will cost the customer fees Delivery + return shipping fee

Exceptional cases where products cannot reach their destination due to severe or complex customs laws and regulations, customers have to obtain the product themselves from the nearest service center or regional authorized agent.

 elixier of life is not responsible for the travel or other expenses that the customer incurs to obtain his products in this case.

All information provided by clients is strictly confidential between Elixir of Life and its customers and can never be compromised under any circumstances.

Subscription Terms of Service

- elixier of life is committed to providing technical support and maintenance for the server and for the materials, programs or scripts on the site.

- elixier of life is committed to making periodic internal and external copies for its hosted subscribers, but the customer remains fully responsible for preserving data and for creating backup copies of his files, databases, mail contents and other contents of his.

- In the event that the customer's subscription period expires and he does not renew, we stop the subscription and take a backup copy, and the customer has the right to claim this backup copy for free within only 30 days from the end of the renewal date.

elixier of life has the right to change servers or global communication companies when needed.

- The customer must provide elixier of life with his real personal data, and all available means of communication, and all information will be confidential, and no data will be presented except when legal issues are concerned, and the subscriber shall bear his obligations in this agreement, and Elixir Al Hayat has the right to suspend / cancel the customer’s website in case it is discovered that The customer data that has been sent to us is not true or false.

Policy provisions

- elixier of life Company works in the implementation of the request submitted by the customer based on the data sent by him, which is the basis for the request, and the company implements the request according to this basis and that the customer pays the subscription value according to what the company specifies in this contract.

- elixier of life Company guarantees that the customer is completely satisfied with the functionality of the site, including the services that he will benefit from through a subscription to the site and the smart application in the next stage

elixier of life is committed to monitoring the site throughout the month to maintain its security and operational efficiency

- The company is committed to raising the site's competence, responding to inquiries from the customer, and ensuring the integrity of all customer data.

- Personal data shared with our company, is under the supervision and control of our company. In accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force to protect the privacy and integrity of information, with a view to developing regulatory technical measures and taking the necessary and adaptive capacity as responsible for data on liability.


Your personal data, by automatic or non-automatic means, is used by the company for the following purposes:

Confirmation of identity data for the person who shopped through the website or the person who made another person shop on the website.

Record contact information, address and other required information,

• After the remote sales contract, consumer protection and related articles of the law on the terms of the contract, we communicate with our customers about the current status of updates, to provide the necessary information,

• Organizing all documents and records that will be processed on paper or electronically (internet, etc.),

• To fulfill the obligations that it undertook in accordance with the contracts and relevant provisions of the terms of the distance sales contract and the Consumer Protection Law,

• Upon request and legislation it must be able to provide information to public officials on matters related to public safety,

• Transfer of innovations, campaigns and promotions to clients and members.

• Evaluating the complaints and suggestions of members and customers regarding our services,

• Increase customer / member satisfaction, identify people who have shopped on our website, use various marketing and advertising activities, and organize surveys in the physical and electronic environment with contracting organizations.

• Fulfilling our legal obligations and using our rights under applicable legislation

Obligations and consequences:

 The subscriber loses his right to access his current account or his electronic account on the company's website, and his account will be frozen or suspended according to the gravity of the act in the event that one of the things mentioned above or the following things happen from him:

1- Abuse of financial integrity towards the company, those who are of significance and care, or others

2- Damage to the company's reputation in any way

3- Moving to a second company

Judgments and penalties are classified according to the gravity of the act as follows:

-Verbal warning

- Written warning

Temporary suspension

Permanent suspension


Very important notice:

The goal of the company is to maintain work together in a manner that guarantees everyone's rights to build a high-end society dominated by integrity and good morals

To ensure the integrity of the work in the interest of both parties, and no procedure is applied except after verification and careful examination of the incident attributed to any subscriber

With regard to the profits arising in the account of the offender or the subscriber who is under penalty

The goal of the company through these procedures is to deal with transparency and ensure the rights of all parties in a way that achieves everyone's satisfaction.

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