1. Honesty towards the annotated information

 Don't explain about something you don't already know

 3 - Do not explain to a person with a low cultural level

 4 - Do not register a person even if he gave you the amount only after he understood the subject fully and fully convinced and if he has a grain of doubt on the subject do not enter it to work

 5 - do not promise fairy promises and exaggerated and too much spoke of what you know

 Second: Forbidden_Work:

 1. Do not buy half-pay

 2 - Do not owe any amount of money to anyone to participate in the work

 3. Do not enter a person to work may owe the amount of his father

 4. A woman shall not enter work without her husband's full consent

 5. Do not share two in one location

 6 - do not promise the existence of a series with the products only after confirmation of the site

 7 - Do not sell to anyone product only after he sees and knows and watch all the specifications, weight and size

 8 - do not register anyone but his presence in front of the computer

 9 - Do not register brothers, friends or family of each one in hand

 Third: Do not disturb_one:

 From the first moment you enter the direct sales industry, you have entered into entrepreneurship, so you should behave as a businessman and businesswoman.

 See .Read .See.  See through the site

 And do not send someone to the people who entered you to work for simple things you can do yourself

 What did you learn to your team then?  what is your role ?

 Send emails to new affiliates sporadically and not as a single payment

 This is why we store the messages we send to you in the future

  The site is never sold at all

 As well as your personal account is never sold

 Fourth: the quality of the participants:

 Friends mirror person

 Work-based work at home

 Decide for yourself who are the people who will enter your house

  You will trust the person you will share with you on your home, business and money

 Fifth: Guarantees:

 You are not one of the founders of the company

 I am not the owner of the company

 I am not a manager in the company

 So don't make promises on your own account

 The Company disclaims liability for any conduct or behavior outside the Company's internal rules and regulations

 There is only a mental guarantee that you have received your product and profits if you meet the conditions of the company

 Sixth:If I go to work, will I succeed?

 No one, no matter how thoroughly and fully studied a project, can know whether or not a project has started to win

 Everything that has been mentioned from a vision of profits and a future look depends on you

 The warranty is you

 The more you commit, the more you succeed

 Seventh: Quality_Account

 One of the most important things in the direct sales industry is the type of people involved

 Quality is something that depends on it

 While quantity is something to prepare

 Eighth:Industry, profession and craft:

 Working in network marketing is the process of making a marketer person as a carpenter or mourning teaches the manufacturer who has a small craft and as the mother teaches her son to walk step by step and the teacher teaches the student

 You are here to learn the person the profession and marketing profession you are not a street vendor or beggar

  Respect your work respects others

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 Some of the things that turn you into a networked beggar:






 And fraud

 The network marketer is completely different from the seller or the normal marketer.


 The person who enters with you at work and enters with you in the company you have entrusted to yourself and your owner and your family

 Know who you interfere in your work if you have a company and you want to hire an engineer, for example.  Who will you choose?  Now you choose the most competent person.

 Honesty is very necessary in this work

 Ethics and reputation cannot be bought with money

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 Engaging in politics

 And sports talk

 Sexual things.  In words and deeds

 Sectarianism and religious fundamentalism

 Debt and loans

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